Keeps user's username synchronized with email.
Using the hacky hack to distinct between option which wasn't set and option which was set to empty.
We extend the item form type a bit, to add a variant select field when we're adding product to cart, but not when we edit quantity in cart.
Loading and ad-hoc creation of a user by an OAuth sign-in provider account.
Payments component for Symfony2 applications.
This is special collection type, inspired by original 'collection' type implementation, designed to handle option values assigned to object variant.
This authorization checker always returns true. Useful if you don't want to have authorization checks at all.
Doctrine ORM driver translatable entity repository.
Doctrine PHPCR-ODM driver document repository.
Filter the node name field, replacing invalid characters with a substitute characters.
Handles the resolution of the PHPCR node name field.
Doctrine listener used to manipulate mappings.
Does not compare the form's method with the request's method.
Command that places themes web assets into a given directory.
TemplateNameParser converts template names from the short notation "@Bundle/Section/template.format.engine" to TemplateReferenceInterface instances.
This bundle provides generic UI for Sylius bundles and platform.
Builds the Cartesian product set from one or more given sets.
This exception should be thrown by service registry when given type already exists.
This exception should be thrown by service registry when given service type does not exist.
Cannot be final, because it is proxied
Creates resources based on theirs FQCN.
Interface for the registry of all resources.